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How to plan a 'Micro Wedding'

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

With the uncertain future of weddings once again in 2021, thousands of couples who are still keen to tie the knot may have to downsize their guest lists and embrace a 'micro' style wedding. However there are lots of benefits to a smaller, more intimate celebration...

1) Re-imagine your wedding day... ✨

The recent restrictions have left engaged couples feeling deflated and disappointed. Have a think about what you can now do for 15-30 people that you couldn’t have done for larger numbers. Perhaps you could swap prosecco for champagne, serve cocktails before dinner, buy individual gifts for guests or include a cheese course in your meal. Be creative and embrace what you can do rather than feel sad for what you can’t. 🙌


2. Splash out on the things that are really important to you...

Whether it’s luxury jewellery, fabulous transport or even booking a videographer to film the day, do it. It’s likely you can afford some of these additional touches if you were budgeting for a larger wedding and these details will help make the whole day feel really special. 💓


3) Think about how you might need to adapt the venue for smaller numbers...

Your venue now might feel far too big for your new plans. Find out if they have a smaller but equally lovely space you could use. Could part of a larger room be partitioned off to create a cosier feel? Your table plan could also be adjusted to a U shape which is ideal for intimate meals.🍴


4. Don’t assume everyone has the same attitude towards the pandemic as you...

Whether you are very concerned or more relaxed about the situation, it’s wise to be cautious. A short note ahead of the day covering the health & safety / social distancing protocols will help to reassure more nervous guests and ensure everyone can relax and enjoy themselves on the day!


5. No dancing… now what....?

With a stop to dance floors, you may have to think outside the box for ways to have a little fun after dinner without leaving your seat! Have a chat with friends and see what you can come up with.. perhaps a cheeky game of Mr & Mrs or a wedding quiz or bingo!?

Hope you found these ideas helpful and it gave you some inspiration and positivity for your 2021 wedding!

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