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5 Wedding Morning Tips From A Bridal Makeup Artist

1. Allocate a space for your hair and makeup artists to set up. Hair will require easy access to a plug and a stand up mirror if possible. Makeup will require a space near a window with natural daylight and table space to lay out their kit and brushes!

2. If bridesmaid dresses need to be steamed do this early on the wedding morning before hairstyling so that hair doesn’t go frizzy or curls drop out with the heat/steam!

3. Cut out tags from dresses and peel off stickers from shoes the night before so it’s not a mad rush during dressing before you leave.

4. Keep your wedding jewellery, underwear and perfume all together ready to go. Decide which room you will get dressed in, ideally a spacious, light room, your photographer will thank you!

5. Remember to take your bouquets out of water and dry the stems on a tea towel around 20 minutes before you need to leave. Be very careful of wet flowers making marks on light coloured bridesmaids dresses!


Luxury Bridal Makeup Artist     Woodbridge, Suffolk

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