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How to prepare for your bridal makeup trial

Updated: Jan 29

It’s makeup trial season! Here are a few of my top tips in order to get the best out of your appointment.

1. Start saving inspiration photos of women with a similar skin tone/hair colour to you. This will not only help your makeup artist get an idea of your preferred style but also help you realise what you like and don’t like. Be advised many photos from Pinterest are highly edited, Instagram is a much better place to find realistic bridal makeup looks.

2. If possible try and arrange your hair and makeup trials on the same day so you can see what your hair and makeup look like together! If you've not yet booked your bridal hair stylist I highly recommend Hair so Boho & Glow Occasion Hair who I work with frequently.

3. If you plan on being tanned on your wedding day arrive to your trial with a tan! You can always use this as an opportunity to trial run your spray tan. I personally use Marcellas Beauty Studio in Ipswich who offer natural looking tans using Sienna X products. (Please avoid tanning on the face as this dehydrates the skin, affecting the makeup application.)

4. I highly recommend investing in your skin with hydrating facials ahead of your wedding day. HYDR02® facials from Look Wright Aesthetics keeps my skin clear and smooth.

5. Arrive on your bridal makeup trial with clean skin (no makeup) with a low neckline top so that your MUA can clearly see your skin tone and achieve the right colour match.

6. Wear a white/ivory top similar to your dress neckline if possible. It is surprising how different makeup looks with a black, white or coloured top. When you wear white it reflects on your face, so you will need more intensity in colour in your makeup than usual.

7. It is helpful to bring any makeup products that you love to wear eg; lipstick/foundation so we have an idea of the texture/tone that you feel most beautiful in!

8. If you have your wedding earrings bring them too as you will instantly feel 'more bridal' and get a feel for the actual wedding day look. If you haven't chosen yours yet, check out PS With Love, one of my recommended suppliers for the most beautiful handmade, bridal jewellery and accessories.

9. Book the trial during the day rather than an evening so you can wear the makeup for at least 8 hours to properly test run the longevity.

10. Be honest! If you aren’t sure about something communicate with your artist. Trials are a collaboration process and we want to ensure you are happy and feel like yourself. 😘

Hope that was helpful, I look forward to meeting you in the coming months!

Best Wishes, Emily x

All Photography by Sharon Cudworth


Luxury Bridal Makeup Artist     Woodbridge, Suffolk

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