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What exactly does a wedding planner do?

I recently caught up for a virtual meeting with the lovely Hayley from Amae Events to talk all things Wedding Planning!

Hayley is a local Wedding & Events Planner whom I had the pleasure of working with last year on a stunning beach shoot. She is a highly experienced and professional planner who has been involved in over 150 weddings across East Anglia. She covers the whole of Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk but can also travel abroad for destination weddings!

Who uses a wedding planner?

Anyone can use a wedding planner! I offer various services from 30 minutes up to years ahead of the day. Most couples who book me, appreciate the value of what I offer which is over 12 years experience in the industry running over 150 weddings and being able to offer you both my undivided attention on what will be one of the biggest days of their lives.

What are the benefits of using a wedding planner?

I think it’s great that there is a huge amount of resources out there for couples, but it can also be very overwhelming and an administrative nightmare! Sometimes the fun and excitement of planning a wedding can quickly turning into stress and anxiety. Did you know that the average wedding takes around 350-400 hours to plan? My couples have the choice of being involved every step of the way or letting the professional get on and do the work! With at least 15 different suppliers per wedding to coordinate at it can be a full time job. By hiring me it will not only will save you time, but the important booking and logistical decisions can be made based on professional opinion not on emotion.

Can using a wedding planner save you money?

Booking a wedding planner should be seen as an investment in your day, not an expense as you are getting so much more back from having a planner. According to in 2019 the average cost of a wedding in the UK reached £31,974! One of the many perks of using a planner is that I can negotiate best value for your budget, find loop holes and justify costs. I can also have the difficult conversations in regards to finances and be a neutral, unbiased opinion with your best interests at heart.

Is there anything you don’t do as a wedding planner?

Well there has certainly been some interesting situations over the years! I am very hands on and take on a huge amount of responsibility in the lead up on the day. I don’t baby sit or clean up dog poo! But jokes aside, the only other thing I don’t do is marry your better half!

How do you choose your preferred suppliers?

The benefit of my full plan service means that I delve into my little black book of reputable suppliers that come highly recommended from me based on my relationship with them which is built on trust and past experiences. I don’t choose them lightly I will only recommend the ones who have gone the extra mile and have true passion for the industry and I would trust with my own wedding.

How does it benefit you to work with your suppliers?

As with anything perfection comes with experience so working with my black book of suppliers means I know how well we can work together and that we have mutual respect and understanding of how weddings work and our time can be spent efficiently. I have peace of mind knowing that my suppliers will be reliable, professional and deliver an incredible service to my clients. I’m so lucky to have Emily is just one example as one of my suppliers in my secret black book.

What would you do if a supplier was a no-show on wedding day?

I have sadly had this happen in the past, but that is the beauty of my little black book! I can make a phone call and arrange for someone of a similar style and standard to step in at a minutes notice, all without the bride even realizing there's a problem! I can also deal with the aftermath chasing any refunds with suppliers after the big day.

Hayley as always, a huge pleasure talking to you! If you need some additional support with your wedding day, make sure to contact Hayley as she would truly be an asset to your day. What a wonder woman! I can’t wait to work with you again on our next wedding. Thanks again, Emily x

How can you contact Amae Events?

Use Hayley's contact form on her website here. She offers a free 30 minute consultation where you can discuss your wedding day and how she can best help you.

Be sure to also follow her on social media to keep up to date with all of her wonderful tips and live videos on Instagram & Facebook.

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